Web Unleashed 2019

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An API-first approach assumes the design and development of an application programming interface (API) comes before the implementation. Your team begins by creating an interface for their application. After the API is developed, the team relies on this interface to build the rest of the application. By introducing new features as an independent service accessed by API, the rest of the app can be stitched together, along with any other future apps.

Throughout an API’s entire lifecycle, different stakeholders have unique requirements. It’s not just developers who are collaborating on APIs within your organization. In a world where speed-to-market holds a premium, learn how to harness the power of your team to build better APIs within your own organization.


Share industry better practices for API-first design and development

Target Audience

Anyone who works with APIs on a team

Assumed Audience Knowledge

How APIs work

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. Industry trends of teams moving to an API-first approach
  2. An overview of the API development lifecycle
  3. Challenges of an API-first organization
  4. Benefits of an API-first approach
  5. Tooling solutions to support an API-first approach