Web Unleashed 2019

2019-09-13 00:00:00 2019-09-15 00:00:00 America/Toronto Web Unleashed 2019 Drive your career to the forefront by learning the latest tools, techniques and technologies in front-end web development. Toronto FITC Toronto

#DevTO Lunch & Learn
Hosted by DevTO and FITC Join us for this networking lunch for the dev community as part of the FITC Web Unleashed 2019 conference. Register Now Share experiences, discuss solutions… Read more…
An Introduction to the Vue Ecosystem
Vue.js has been recognized to be one of the fastest-growing software projects in the world, thanks to its intuitive API, great docs, and first-class tooling. In this presentation, Hassan Djirdeh,… Read more…
Front-End Vue Web Dev
Hassan Djirdeh
An Intuitive Introduction to Algorithmic Efficiency
An introduction to calculating the efficiency of an algorithm. No math. No code. Target Audience Programmers who want a gentle introduction to estimating the efficiency of their code. Assumed Audience… Read more…
Algorithms Foundations Performance
Mary Rose Cook
Build Scalable APIs Using GraphQL and Serverless
Current trends in software and backend architecture have been evolving towards a more loosely coupled, more granular design. Most of you have heard of micro-service based architectures; the latest development… Read more…
JavaScript Performance Web Dev
Simona Cotin
Build Your First Portfolio Site With Gatsby
Showcasing your work on the internet is often the first impression you’ll make when applying for jobs, attracting clients, or growing your network. It’s extremely important that your site makes… Read more…
aside JavaScript Live Coding
Jason Lengstorf
Learn With Jason
Building a Serverless, Production-Ready Web App in 45 Minutes
How do we build a cost-effective, production-ready, scalable web applications with a beautiful UI, in 45 minutes? With Serverless tools. Building a web application is a complex task: backend application… Read more…
Serverless Collaboration Front-End
Adam Matan
Building AI Products for Humans: Why Math Men Still Need Mad Men
What do you think of when we say “AI team”? Does it include you? This presentation will discuss how an AI digital transformation within an organization requires various stakeholders from… Read more…
AI Business Marketing
Helen Kontozopoulos
Building Native Apps with React
Building native mobile apps has always been a black-box for front-end developers. We’re heavily invested in the technologies we already know, and diving into a completely new ecosystem with a… Read more…
Frameworks JavaScript React
Haris Mahmood
Building Systems for Accessibility
Component driven development helps break projects into manageable pieces, and concrete examples help speed up development time, improve on-boarding as well as build more reliably. As the projects we build… Read more…
Accessibility Front-End Work Better
Tiffany Tse
Building Web Apps That Don’t Suck
As developers, it’s important to think about our users first: you need to create an awesome experience, and part of the equation is to deliver quality, fast. Unfortunately, we lost… Read more…
Front-End JavaScript Performance
Frédéric Harper
Built With ❤️: Why Developer Experience Matters
One evening you’re browsing Twitter and you stumble on a really cool new Open Source tool. The README is intuitive, the installation is seamless and you’re up and running in… Read more…
Design Interaction Inspire
Arthur Maltson
Capital One
Connecting Dots and Tying Threads
Get a look at what’s coming next, by looking back at WEBU19: your host Jason will spend a little time bringing together some of the trends and emerging ideas from… Read more…
Front-End Innovation Inspire
Jason Pamental
Crafting a UX Strategy
In the work that we do as UX designers, the ultimate goals we have are to create products and services that people enjoy using and that they see value in… Read more…
Business Collaboration UX/UI
Bermon Painter
Cut It Up
JavaScript frameworks allow us to build innovative and delightful experiences for our users. A common approach adopted with these modern tools is to combine all required JavaScript into one large… Read more…
JavaScript Performance React
Varun Vachhar
Data, Design, Code
For the last few years, Shirley has worked with various clients across the tech, media, and journalism industries to create visual narratives with their data. In this talk, she will… Read more…
Creative Code DataViz Vue
Shirley Wu
Debugging Performance Issues in Angular Apps with Augury
There’s a performance issue with your Angular application, but you’re not exactly sure where it is and how to fix it. How many times was change detection triggered, by which… Read more…
Angular JavaScript Performance
Ehsan Motamedi
Deloitte Canada
Designing and Building an Emotionally Impactful Web Game
SweetXheart is a video game about race, gender, and microaggressions. It’s also a native JavaScript-based web game with a handmade dialogue system. In this talk, Catt discusses how she designed… Read more…
Gaming JavaScript Social Innovation
Catt Small
Designing for Digital Health
Examining our responsibility as creators to design for disconnection. The “restore connection” alert isn’t just for devices– it applies to people too. And it’s more important now than ever before.… Read more…
Design Ethics Work Better
Andréa Crofts
Developing & Scaling Design Systems
Design systems have long been discussed as holistic ways to approach structure, consistency, and scalability of UI. They’re all this and so much more: building blocks of hybrid design and… Read more…
Collaboration Design UX/UI
Shona Dutta
Dynamic Typographic Systems, Modern CSS, and Variable Fonts
Variable fonts are a transformative evolution of type design that has huge performance and design implications for the web. When coupled with CSS custom properties and calculations, they make for… Read more…
CSS Front-End UX/UI
Jason Pamental
Everyday Innovation
Innovation is defined as the process of making an idea into a good or service that creates value by meeting a need or solving a problem at scale. This talk… Read more…
Collaboration Design Innovation
Carl Sziebert
FOUC, and the Death of Progressive Enhancement
Web developers have long heralded Progressive Enhancement for delivering web experiences in “layers” (HTML, images, CSS, and then JS). It sounds so obvious and elegant, right? But FOUC (Flash of… Read more…
CSS Inspire JavaScript
Kyle Simpson
Friction is Good for Innovation
Everyone talks about how diversity helps to build more innovative products. What they don’t tell you is that it can also cause a lot of friction. Learn to turn that… Read more…
Collaboration Innovation Work Better
​Pansy Lee
Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment
Full-Featured Art Direction for the Web
Now that we have the tools to superpower our layouts, we can start to reimagine how we approach art direction and design on the web. By taking advantage of technologies,… Read more…
Accessibility Design Front-End
Mina Markham
Getting the Most Out of WebPageTest
Patrick will walk through using WebPageTest for performance analysis. The session will do a quick overview on basic usage and then dive deep into more advanced capabilities and features. We… Read more…
Performance Web Dev
Patrick Meenan
Hacking Your Career With Side Projects
You don’t need degrees or conventional paths to have a successful career in tech, but it can be confusing trying to navigate your career and deciding where to invest your… Read more…
Design Inspire Work Better
Preet Singh
How a Web Request Works, Down to the Atom
Web developers today benefit from layers upon layers of technologies that they never even have to think about. Nor should they have to regularly think deeply about these things in… Read more…
Foundations Front-End Web Dev
Chris Zacharias
How to Spec, Design & Build Accessible Experiences
Accessibility starts with the product spec and continues through the design & tech specs. In this session George will cover what this means for product managers, designers & engineers, and… Read more…
Accessibility Design UX/UI
George Zamfir
HTTP Headers for the Responsible Developer
To build inclusive websites, developers have to consider accessibility, performance and user flows. Let’s have a look at HTTP, and to be specific, its headers that can have a direct… Read more…
Performance Security UX/UI
Stefan Judis
Into the Web Multiverse
We always consider the web to be a unique thing. A decentralized platform based on open technologies. A sturdy, open utopia of people using technology to collect and archive the… Read more…
Business Web Dev Work Better
Christian Heilmann
JavaScript’s Last Turtle
Zoe was happy to npm install a thousand packages so she could figure out how to make a React app, but now she’s wondering what npm actually… is? She’s happy… Read more…
Front-End Storytelling Web Dev
Zoe Daniels
Learning Leadership
Have you ever wanted to have an one-on-one chat with a variety of senior developers? Explore the journey from junior to senior developer and what lessons can be learned along… Read more…
Business Inspire Work Better
Anne Thomas
Out of the Sandbox
Let’s Web Dev Like It’s 1999!
When we “view source” on modern web applications, the code looks nothing like what we originally wrote. At a minimum, it’s gone through linting, transpilation, obfuscation, minification, and bundling. And… Read more…
CSS Front-End Web Dev
Ben Ilegbodu
Machine Learning for Poets: The eMiLy App
Can an AI generate believable poetry? Join Jen as she romps through venerable 19th century poetry to create the eMiLy app: a new way to experience the ethereal poetry of… Read more…
AI Frameworks Machine Learning
Jen Looper
Measuring the Adoption of Web Performance Techniques
Performance optimization is a cyclical process. We are constantly learning new ways to optimize, while simultaneously adopting new technologies and techniques that negatively impact performance. The HTTP Archive provides a… Read more…
Front-End Performance Web Dev
Paul Calvano
Akamai Technologies
Mentoring, Teaching, and Advocating in the Age of Influencers
In an age where everyone’s an expert with a product for sale, how can we keep our equilibrium as teachers, product advocates, and community mentors? Join a panel of developer… Read more…
Collaboration Open Source Strategy
Network Like a Boss
If you’re like most people, the word “networking” makes you want to run the other way and hide. Trina has figured out how to demystify this word, and make networking… Read more…
Networking Soft Skills Pitching
Trina Boos
Boost Agents
Ooops. I Guess We’re Full-Stack Developers Now
A few years ago we were front-end developers. These days, as the tools we use to build the web are getting better, easier, and more powerful, we’ve suddenly become full-stack… Read more…
Front-End React Web Dev
Chris Coyier
Profiling JavaScript Performance
JavaScript’s popularity has exploded over the last decade, taking it from a laughable scripting language to one that powers much of the web today. Because it’s so flexible and so… Read more…
JavaScript Performance Web Dev
Luke DeWitt
Prototype Like It’s 1990: How Apple HyperCard Influenced the Web
Released in 1987, Apple HyperCard aimed to bring software development to the masses. By the mid-1990s the program had developed a small cult following with tens of thousands of users,… Read more…
Interaction Innovation Inspire
Junius Gunaratne
Pushing Through Friction
Things are broken. The deployment pipeline is painfully slow, your engineering team has doubled in the last year and there’s a lack of sufficient process and management. You git blame… Read more…
Collaboration Inspire Work Better
Dan Na
Roundtable: Building a More Diverse and Inclusive Web Culture
A new format for Web Unleashed, the roundtable sessions are a group discussion used to workshop ideas, solve real-world problems, and allow for all voices to be heard. As designers,… Read more…
Roundtable Diversity & Inclusion Work Better
Roundtable: Design Systems + Creativity
A new format for Web Unleashed, the roundtable sessions are a group discussion used to workshop ideas, solve real-world problems, and allow for all voices to be heard. One of… Read more…
Roundtable Design Process
Mina Markham
Roundtable: Getting Rid of Bad Documentation
A new format for Web Unleashed, the roundtable sessions are a group discussion used to workshop ideas, solve real-world problems, and allow for all voices to be heard. Everyone agrees… Read more…
Roundtable Collaboration Process
Joyce Lin
Roundtable: Let’s Talk JAMstack!
A new format for Web Unleashed, the roundtable sessions are a group discussion used to workshop ideas, solve real-world problems, and allow for all voices to be heard. What is… Read more…
Roundtable Process Work Better
Chris Coyier
Roundtable: Practical AI/ML Applications in Creative and Marketing
A new format for Web Unleashed, the roundtable sessions are a group discussion used to workshop ideas, solve real-world problems, and allow for all voices to be heard. Helen Kontozopoulos… Read more…
Roundtable AI Machine Learning Marketing
Helen Kontozopoulos
Roundtable: Tech Leadership
A new format for Web Unleashed, the roundtable sessions are a group discussion used to workshop ideas, solve real-world problems, and allow for all voices to be heard. Join Nael… Read more…
Roundtable DevOps Work Better
Nael El Shawwa
Shutterstock Custom
Serverless Isn’t Just Great, It’s the Greatest… Almost
Serverless architectures are driving a revolution in DevOps and the way applications and other web technologies are deployed to the cloud. Serverless offers a streamlined and accelerated path to deployment… Read more…
Serverless Backend DevOps Panel
Slam Dunk Your JavaScript Fundamentals
This talktorial will be filled with dozens of tips and tricks to gain a stronger JavaScript skill set. No matter what framework of library you use, it’s all just JavaScript… Read more…
Frameworks Front-End JavaScript
Wes Bos
Slashing Bad User Experience Using DevTools
The modern developer workflow often starts with authoring a simple page, followed by a live push, but often concludes with a bottleneck discovery. With near certainty, the application was not… Read more…
Front-End Mobile Web Dev
Henri Helvetica
Speed at Google: What’s New?
This talk will cover a number of tools, features and APIs that the Chrome team are working on to improve web performance. Target Audience Intermediate developers who have a basic… Read more…
JavaScript Performance Web Dev
Houssein Djirdeh
Google Chrome
Standing on the Shoulders of APIs
An API-first approach assumes the design and development of an application programming interface (API) comes before the implementation. Your team begins by creating an interface for their application. After the… Read more…
Collaboration Strategy Work Better
Joyce Lin
Surviving Your Tech Stack
Every developer has faced the difficult choice of deciding what tech stack they should use for a new project. Should you use the latest tech or something that everyone knows?… Read more…
Collaboration Frameworks Work Better
Kevin Daly
RBC Ventures
Tales from the Script
Working within the complexity of building software, you’ve seen some scary things. Things that hold teams, businesses and the humans who use our software back from living their best lives.… Read more…
Innovation Inspire Work Better
Liam Oscar Thurston
Loblaw Digital
Technical SEO 101 for Web Developers
In this talk Martin will dive into the technical foundations of search engine optimization (SEO) and what we as web developers can do to make our websites and web apps… Read more…
Foundations Front-End Marketing
Martin Splitt
The Art of Humanizing Pull Requests
Code reviews are an important part of a developer’s life. It’s very easy to perform code reviews, but hard to do it with empathy. In today’s online world, online criticism… Read more…
Soft Skills Collaboration Work Better
Ankita Kulkarni
Toronto UX/D Networking Lunch
Hosted by UX/D Toronto and FITC Join us for this networking lunch for the Toronto UX community as part of the FITC Web Unleashed 2019 conference. Register Now Share experiences,… Read more…
Lunch UX/UI
Workshop: A Full Day Of Vue.js
Note: This full-day hands-on workshop will be on Thursday Sept 12 from 10am to 5pm and requires a “WORKS” or “WORKSHOP Only” ticket to attend. Vue is “the progressive framework”… Read more…
Frameworks Intermediate JavaScript Vue Workshop
Hassan Djirdeh
Workshop: Building Modern React Websites with Gatsby.js
This workshop is currently sold out. Gatsby is a JavaScript framework for creating wicked fast, modern websites with React and GraphQL.
Gatsby makes it easy to build a website… Read more…
React Workshop
Wes Bos
Workshop: Design Thinking – Ideas to Implementation
Note: This full-day hands-on workshop will be on Thursday Sept 12 from 10am to 5pm and requires a “WORKS” or “WORKSHOP Only” ticket to attend. What is the best way… Read more…
Agile Collaboration Process Workshop
Bermon Painter
Workshop: Fluid, Responsive, and Dynamic Typography with Variable Fonts
Note: This full-day hands-on workshop will be on Thursday Sept 12 from 10am to 5pm and requires a “WORKS” or “WORKSHOP Only” ticket to attend. This workshop is intended to… Read more…
CSS Design Front-End Intermediate - Advanced Workshop
Jason Pamental
You Belong Here: How to Make Open Source More Open
Done well, open source is one of the highest-value targets for businesses these days. Companies like Facebook and Airbnb leverage OSS as a source of brand equity and recruiting, among… Read more…
Collaboration Inspire Open Source
Jason Lengstorf
Learn With Jason