FITC Spotlight UX

2021-12-02 00:00:00 2021-12-03 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Spotlight UX Join us for this exciting online event for designers looking to extend their UX skills. Online FITC Online



Designers, product leaders, and strategists are all faced with a problem as old as time – what will our customers & users want tomorrow? Unless you’ve got a working flux capacitor, you know that there’s no way to truly predict what the future holds. But there are methods to create products, services, and platforms that are more resilient to future changes and disruptors.

Enter strategic foresight.

It’s the art & science of understanding how different forces (market, consumer, technological, etc.) can impact future operating environments, customer expectations, and competitive landscapes. Foresight gives organizations the tools to build strategies that are more resilient and adaptable to unknown futures.

This interactive presentation introduces practical tools and methods from the fields of strategic foresight and speculative design to help participants get started in future-roofing their products and organizations.


Introduce the foundation of foresight and a couple of practical tools and methods that audience members can take away and leverage in their own practice.

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. An understanding of what strategic foresight is and some of its tools, methods, and practices
  2. An appreciation for how consumer, market, regulatory, and technology forces may impact your product or strategy over the next 3-5 years
  3. The difference between robust and hedging strategies as applied to product or service roadmaps
  4. An introduction to speculative design and how to develop new products and propositions with emerging technologies
  5. How to gain leadership or executive buy-in for foresight work or initiatives

Target Audience

UX and product strategists, product designers / managers, Customer Experience (CX) leaders, senior executives and leadership teams working on strategic planning will all explore valuable insights in this talk.