FITC Spotlight UX

2021-12-02 00:00:00 2021-12-03 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Spotlight UX Join us for this exciting online event for designers looking to extend their UX skills. Online FITC Online

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Changing Our Design Mindset: From Projects to Products
Digital platforms are no longer just another element in the consumer experience – they have become products in their own right, one of the most important assets for any company.… Read more…
Design Innovation UX/UI
Fernanda Gonzalez
From UX to Product
Lessons learned from Ha’s foray into Product Management, then becoming a Director of Product. Objective To provide context to UX Designers who want to grow in their career as a… Read more…
Product Design
Ha Phan
Looking Into Your Crystal Ball – A Primer on UX Foresight
Designers, product leaders, and strategists are all faced with a problem as old as time – what will our customers & users want tomorrow? Unless you’ve got a working flux… Read more…
Business Innovation Strategy
Ramy Nassar
1000 Days Out
Product Design Is A Dance Of Balance
Intersection = needs + requirements Even when we are taking a user-centric approach to product design, business needs and requirements influence design and technology decisions. We work to optimize sometimes… Read more…
Product Design Panel
UX designers vs. The Most Common Web Accessibility Issues
The web is full of web accessibility issues that range from mistakes that make using websites difficult to mistakes that make them completely unusable. If you spend enough time evaluating… Read more…
Accessibility Design Front-End
Tolu Adegbite
Why Your Team Needs a Content Designer
Hey, you. Yes, you! Who’s creating the language that appears in your UI? If you’re like Netflix, you work with Content Designers—writers who design with words, working side by side… Read more…
Design Storytelling UX/UI
Jen Schaefer