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Zoe was happy to npm install a thousand packages so she could figure out how to make a React app, but now she’s wondering what npm actually… is? She’s happy to always use triple-equals, but why does her code sometimes not break if she uses a double? What does this.bind(this) do, besides fix an error you don’t always completely read? How come this is usually the window but not for every function? How come it’s shift and unshift but push and pop? After a few years of using JavaScript “best practices,” Zoe has become interested in the reasons that underlie them and then the reasons under those reasons… and the reasons under those.

This talk is a fun and engaging ride down the river of Zoe’s attention as she tries to figure out why, exactly, we do that in JavaScript.


Zoe wants to tell you about some things she found out and thinks are cool. Also she wants to make you laugh.

Target Audience

People who still have to Google which one is splice and which one is slice.

Assumed Audience Knowledge

Some JavaScript

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. JavaScript in its entirety; literally every single thing about it
  2. At least one creation myth
  3. What npm actually is
  4. How to save yourself from the intellectual paralysis caused by infinite regression
  5. A list of famous turtles beyond the TMNT