Web Unleashed 2019

2019-09-13 00:00:00 2019-09-15 00:00:00 America/Toronto Web Unleashed 2019 Drive your career to the forefront by learning the latest tools, techniques and technologies in front-end web development. Toronto FITC Toronto


JavaScript’s popularity has exploded over the last decade, taking it from a laughable scripting language to one that powers much of the web today. Because it’s so flexible and so easy to learn, it’s extremely popular with new developers looking to cut their teeth in programming. However, these strengths are also weaknesses, as it’s incredibly easy to write bad JavaScript without even knowing it.

A lot of these newer developers jump from “Hello, World!”, to TodoMVC in order to find the library that makes their life easier. By doing this, they skip over some of the important details of not only how JavaScript works, but also how to optimize its performance to ensure the best user experience.

The Chrome profiler is a very handy tool that not a lot of developers have experience with. In this talk, we’ll take a beginner’s look at the profiler tool and examine how to use it to best improve your web application, and identify bottlenecks in your code without having to rely only on console.log statements.


To help developers understand how to better make use of the JavaScript profiler.

Target Audience

Any JavaScript developers

Assumed Audience Knowledge

Basic JavaScript


Beginner / intermediate

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. Javascript inner-workings
  2. Profiling concepts
  3. Identifying bottlenecks
  4. Profiling node applications
  5. Tooling