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Wouldn’t it be great if your real life was as compelling as the video games that you play?  Several years ago Eric created a Dungeons & Dragons-type experience system for his life.  He gains experience points for completing noteworthy projects and goals, and every so often he levels up!  Originally the idea was that it would motivate him to complete more goals, but in practice Eric found that it was better as a record of his accomplishments – i.e. it’s backward looking.

So, this year he added a new piece to the quest, a “dashboard” inspired by games like Farmville and Tribez & Castlez.  It’s a prominently-displayed set of goals, and his progress toward them that is updated at least weekly.  Numbers keep him honest.  Come learn about Eric’s epic quest of awesome, and get inspired to make your own!


Inspire other people to create their own epic quests of awesome, to live their lives like a hero in their own video game.

Target Audience

Geeks who wish their own lives were as compelling as the video games they play.

Assumed Audience Knowledge

Helpful to have exposure to role playing games like dungeons and dragons, or other games which use an experience-level-quest system.

Audience members will learn

How to gamify your life to increase your productivity and feel more accomplished