Spotlight Extended Reality [XR]
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Building AR Experiences For Low-End Devices
When we think of AR, we think of deeply immersive, highly visual, world-locked 6DoF experiences that run smoothly on a high-end device with a fully charged battery and a fast… Read more…
AR Innovation UX/UI
Jess Lee
Interaction Designer, Google
Future of User Interaction: Mixed Reality, AI and IoT
The ability to capture and share data and learn from it has changed what we are able to do with technology drastically. Although our lives are changed with the new… Read more…
Interaction UX/UI Wearables
Ayşegül Yönet
Senior Cloud Developer Advocate, Microsoft
Leveraging Decades of Research in 3D UI Makes or Breaks XR
We live in a world full of user interfaces. In 2019, we are spending so much time on our screens it’s more reasonable to count how much time we’re not… Read more…
Mobile Strategy UX/UI
Hasan Ahmad
Principal Consultant, Aquent DEV6
Transforming Education with XR and AI
In this informative and futuristic talk, MetaVRse co-founder Julie Smithson discusses the technologies that will unlock the true potential of humanity. Virtual, augmented and mixed reality (XR) have proven to… Read more…
Education Business Innovation
Julie Smithson
Co-Founder, MetaVRse
VR Racing Sims and AR Car Configurators, Together at Last
AR, VR, and MR are great in their own right but what if we merged them together to make new kinds of fun, engaging, interactive experiences? In this talk, Dave… Read more…
AR Design VR
Dave Boyle
Designer / Developer, Globacore
XR at Unity: Today, Tomorrow, the Future
Learn about what is available today with Unity and XR. The wide number of platforms we support and how to enable that support. Dan will discuss frameworks and toolkits being… Read more…
AR Innovation VR
Dan Miller
VR / AR Evangelist, Unity Technologies