Spotlight Extended Reality [XR]
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The ability to capture and share data and learn from it has changed what we are able to do with technology drastically. Although our lives are changed with the new wealth of data, the way we interact with data has changed very little. Just like people a century ago, we are trying to make sense of everything through their 2D abstractions, whether it is writing, illustrations or excel sheets.

Today we have the technology to interact with any data in the right context and right space. We can make sense of really complex problems by modelling them in 3d. Our way of consuming information is changing to fit the information itself and becoming more intuitive and actionable.

At Microsoft, they have built products to enable people to interact with their data and environment through HoloLens and other mixed reality devices. They have also worked with a variety of partners and researchers, learned about their needs and the solutions they are building. Every problem is unique and solving it in 3D context is no easy task, although the end results are worth it.

In this talk, you will hear about the tools and SDKs that are available, limitations and strengths of 3D visualizations and the challenges of designing a mixed reality experience for HoloLens and other devices.

Join Aysegul to get a glimpse into the future of user interaction.