2018-06-09 00:00:00 2018-06-10 00:00:00 America/Toronto FutureWorld FutureWorld will feature presentations and demos on the future of robotics and AI from creators, researchers, industrialists, and visionaries, with a focus on human-robot interaction, real-world impacts, challenges, and opportunities. Toronto FITC Toronto



12:00 To 12:30
12:30 To 1:00
Our Robot FutureWorld: The Dystopia Version
Forget worrying about killer robots and robots stealing our jobs! What will a world of robot smog, spam and stereotypes look like? How network effects and algorithms can turn useful robots into social problems. And what we can do about that right now! Objective Explore the possible error modes of ubiquitous robotics. Read more…
Andra Keay

Managing Director, Silicon Valley Robotics

1:10 To 1:40
Three Steps to Applying Machine Learning to Self-Driving Vehicles
With great power comes great responsibility. Recent advances in artificial intelligence and robotics have unlocked new capabilities and potential for autonomous self-driving vehicles. However, bringing these vehicles outside of the lab into the real world requires careful consideration of safety and reliability. Ryan Gariepy of Clearpath Robotics & OTTO Motors will not only tell you why starting by putting self-driving… Read more…
Ryan Gariepy

CTO, Clearpath Robotics, Otto Motors

1:50 To 2:20
Lessons From a Robot Cage Match
Battling robots for entertainment and education, Lisa has been designing, building, and battling robots since she was 10 years old. She’s participated in Robot Wars and BattleBots since the beginning, and has the scars to prove it. Along the way, she’s developed deep insight into how to design robots so that they perform well, are aesthetically appealing, cost-effective, and quick… Read more…
Lisa Winter

Robotics Engineer and PM, Huawei

2:30 To 3:00
AI, You, and Me
What does it mean to collaborate with a machine? In this talk, Sougwen will share concepts from her practice exploring human and machine collaboration, presenting an alternative to dystopian views of artificial intelligences prevalent in pop culture narratives. She will trace her artistic journey from working with a robotic arm to a multi­-robotic swarm linked to the flow of a… Read more…
Sougwen Chung

Artist / Researcher / Technologist, sougwen.com

3:00 To 3:50
Afternoon Exhibitor Break
3:50 To 4:20
Using AI as a Tool in Artistic Creation
The last couple years have seen an explosion in research using AI and machine learning techniques for creative purposes, especially for image creation. If you’ve seen apps like Prisma, or images from Google’s Deep Dream, then you’ve seen these algorithms in action. It’s early days, and while some of the new aesthetics are beautiful, the tools and approaches are still… Read more…
Xavier Snelgrove

Applied Research Scientist, Element AI