Join us for this free ONLINE presentation with

Fernanda Gonzalez

Experience Design Director, MediaMonks

Followed by a Q&A session

UX design has always presented itself differently from company to company, and has evolved through time. Now, we are in a pivotal moment, where we have the opportunity to reinvent this discipline, and the way we add value to our teams.

Let’s use this moment to dive deep on how we can potentialize the products and services we design, using creativity and craft as drivers of innovation and differentiation.

We will discuss how to mix a user-centred approach and a strategic problem-solving mindset with creative techniques to lead the way, and also, a focus on craft to execute the solution, to make the most of the varied set of talents within a team.


Challenge the approach to experience design, to create next level digital products and services through collaboration, creativity and craft.

Things audience members will learn:

  1. Better ways to improve the design process and the role of UX within it.
  2. Tips and tricks for better collaboration with your multidisciplinary dream team.
  3. Different strategies to elevate your UX game.

Target Audience

Any design professional UX or collaborators with this discipline: UX designers, UX strategists, researchers, product designers and UI or Design professionals.