Animatic for Chris Milk's Wilderness Downtown
Remember the HTML 5 project Chris Milk did in coordination with Google for Arcade Fire a few months ago? Well here's the original animatic showing the vision for the piece. Or for a more technical look at the guts of this project see this detailed post.

Open source Kinect
Within hours of the release of Microsoft's Kinect hardware hackers were hard at work writing software to allow access to the device in a variety of ways. There's even an Open Frameworks plugin available already. has a complete breakdown of the story so far.

Seb Lee-Delisle does particles in javascript
Seb shares his source code and talks about his experience presenting on 2d and 3d particles done with javascript at the Full Frontal javascript event.

WebM encoding comes to
Robert Reinhardt's certainly been busy with his online video encoding suite. Not only is it the only system I know that analyzes your video's content to determine encoding settings, but he's recently added WebM support and right now it's free to use!

Coding the Universe by Jon Keon
Jon has posted a screencast he recorded of his FITC Unconference presentation at Adobe MAX. Lots of great info on creating procedural planets and doing  texture generation.

Blackberry Playbook vs iPad web browsing
In a video produced by RIM you can watch the PlayBook handle the web with ease, including Flash Player support. Serge Jespers talks about this and shares links to get you started with PlayBook development using AIR.