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Should Web Designers Know HTML and CSS?
Seems like a no-brainer to us, but yet the debate rages on. Good post and some valid points from both sides of the spectrum.

Learn (Flash video) From Lisa
Lisa Larson-Kelley launches a new site packed full of info on working with Flash video and creating Flash video players. It's a good resource already and looks set to become the definitive resource on the topic as she adds more content.

Peter Nitsch creates BitmapData.js
Peter's started work on porting the AS3 BitmapData class over to javascript.

Multi-threading on it's way in Flash
Matthew Fabb has a detailed write-up and some speculation on the under-played announcement that multi-threading would be coming to a future  release of Flash.

Improved SWF indexing
Google continues to work on making improvements to the way their search engine indexes Flash content. This update includes improvements in their handling of scenarios where javascript is used to embed the Flash Player.

Scribd help out with Flash ad z-index problems
Despite their anti-Flash stance, Scribd have released a useful jquery/prototype plugin that aims to automatically resolve the annoying Flash ad z-index problems that will creep up on your site when ad developers don't set the wmode correctly.

Airwolf [video]
Scott Janousek had a session at the 360Flex unconference about using Adobe AIR to remote control a really cool toy.

TIE FIghter AR Game
Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner, developed by Vertigore Games and published by THQ Wireless, takes your surroundings and sticks them outside Han Solo's crosshairs. Whether it's the New York skyline or an IHOP parking lot, you'll be able to blast TIE Fighters out of the sky as if they were invading right now, in a galaxy really, really close.

Art Direction and Design
Sure, your design’s composition is perfectly balanced, the typographical hierarchy works, and the contrast is bang on. But, when you step back and take a look, how does it make you feel? Does your design evoke the right emotion? Dan Mall explains the difference between art direction and design on the web and challenges us to do it again, this time with feeling.