Just wanted to bring some news about the BlackBerry PlayBook to your attention in case you've missed it.

As you may know, RIM chose Adobe AIR as the primary app development platform for the PlayBook. In fact, if you've seen the videos from last month's Adobe MAX conference, where RIM showed off the PlayBook, then you've see AIR apps in action on the device. And if you haven't seen the videos, you can check them out on YouTube:

To encourage Flash Platform developers to build apps for the PlayBook, RIM is actually giving away free PlayBooks! This is a great move, since as you know if you've done any application development for
mobile devices, a major stumbling block is the actual lack of devices to test on. All you need to do to take advantage of this offer is build an app for the PlayBook and if the app is accepted into BlackBerry's AppWorld prior to the launch of the PlayBook, you'll get a free PlayBook:

So, here's what you need to do:
1. Go to the BlackBerry developer site and download and install the SDK and the simulator, so you can build and test your app. Here's the URL:

2. Develop your AIR app in Adobe Flash Builder or Adobe Flash Professional and test it in the PlayBook simulator. (Note that the SDK doesn't integrate with Flash Pro at this time, so your better off working in Flash Builder. But, if Flash Pro is your tool of choice, there are ways to make it work.)

3. Once your app is ready to go, submit it to AppWorld, and if it's accepted, you'll get a free PlayBook!