Mario and Nadine tell us what they are looking forward to at FITC Toronto, now only a few days away. Personally I'm more excited about this year's lineup than I have been in some time. Read on to see what more of our speakers are excited about.

Mario Klingemann says:

This year there are are so many talks that I absolutely wish to see
that it looks like I have to bring along my clone which can sit in the
other room sometimes. For example there are the "Cool Japanese Flash"
talks which I definitely will not miss. Unfortunately that means I
will not be able to see Zach Lieberman and Golan Levin on Sunday as
well as James Paterson on Monday which really makes my heart bleed. I
guess I will have to hunt them down afterwards and bribe them with a
beer or two to give me a little private session. Another talk that
caught my eye is Alex Cove's "Beautiful Algorithms" which sounds like
it's exactly down my alley.

I'm a tiny bit nervous about my 10 minutes of "cool shit" since due to
its nature I cannot really rehearse it. So there is a 50/50 chance
that I will fail miserably which of course might have it's own
entertainment value, at least for the audience. But I don't want to
give away too much yes - you will have to be there to know what I

I can't wait to come to FITC Toronto to catch up and hang out with a
lot of friends and colleagues that I haven't seen for a quite a while
and also meet other folks finally in person which I have been in
contact only online before. See you there!

Nadine Lessio says:

I'm really looking forward to James Paterson's presentation this year,
I was really interested last year about how he was turning his
personal work into more of a game space and I'd like to see how that
has evolved or influenced other projects. I love seeing how people
mash-up art and technology, and thanks to fitc over the years, I've
been able to learn about how different people are playing with this
idea, where its lead them and what they've learned in the process.
Each year I walk away from fitc with a head full of new ideas, and bag
full of engaging conversations, its something I look forward to every