Continuing our series of posts featuring comments from speakers about what they are looking forward to at FITC Toronto we've got Dan LaCivita of Firstborn and Jim Corbett of Adobe for you.

Dan LaCivita, senior vice president of Firstborn says:

Firstborn is arriving full force with at least 5 members from our NY office. We'll be there bright and early Saturday with a booth set-up at the Career Day. And YES! We are hiring! So come by...and get a job!"

"In our presentation, we'll be showing some new projects (not even live yet) as well as a look into the "HOW" for some recent launches. Two of Firstborn's lead developers will be giving tutorials and "how-to" sessions as opposed to just a portfolio review."


Jim Corbett, Senior Computer Scientist at Adobe, says:

"I work on the Flash Player team at Adobe, and I've been doing the FITC speaking thang for about a year, and I can tell you that it's a really cool event. I love talking to all the people that make such beautiful things happen in the Flash Player. I'll be speaking again about how the guts of the player work."

"I also can't wait to see what James Paterson has been up to, and to see the unveiling of Colin Moock's new multiuser stuff.

Come on up (or down) - it's a great show!"