Here at FITC we've been given some reason to celebrate. Our very own Shawn Pucknell has been choosen as an inductee into a Media Hall of Fame created by Algonquin College. Below is what Algonquin had to say about Shawn's selection for this honour. Congrats Shawn!

Algonquin College created a Media Hall of Fame in 2007 to recognize trailblazers and role models in the Media Industry. FITC Director, Shawn Pucknell, was honored to be inducted into the Interactive Media Hall of Fame for 2009.

"A rich media visionary", as one faculty member calls him, "he has transformed the Canadian multimedia landscape – putting both Canadian
students and developers on the map for a worldwide audience.

His unique efforts of promoting Canadian art and technology have ensured that regional and International companies have access to Canadian New Media graduates in design technology and that students have access to international Rich Media thoughts, visionaries, and innovations."

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