Thomas Schroecker and Hubert Bandurski aT FITC
Kicking off the first round of sessions Monday morning was Thomas Schroecker and Hubert Bandurski presenting on managing content for websites. They focused a lot on their own custom system, with their template classes and database, something that a company would have to spend a lot of resources to reproduce. However, they did have some good pratices, such as producing a skellington website that displays just the content without design. This as a good way in managing the client and getting them to sign off on the content before the design layer is added on. They also focused on separating the presentation layer from the content layer, so that multiple versions of the website can be made, with the same content for a variety of devices, which they see will be happening more.

They mention that they think we will be seening fewer isolated websites at a single address, but more websites integrated into other parts of the web such a various social media websites and blogs.

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