The next chapter of FITC begins today with the new words behind our acronym, and our newly designed logo by the talented James White.  We’re stoked that now when people ask us, “What does FITC stand for?” we can confidently respond with words we feel capture what our company and the events we host are about. Thanks to our Twitter contest, we know that the words we chose to make up FITC came to the minds of our fans and supporters when we asked, “What does FITC mean to you?”

“Future Innovators Thrive on Challenges” - @suesthegrl

The future of FITC is bright. We continue to grow the presence of our events both locally and in new and exciting countries all over the world. Moving forward, our programming will have a greater focus on highlighting the future of technology and design, and the technologies that are shaping this. We’re upping the cool factor, to challenge digital creators to push the bar that much higher.

“Fuel Innovation through Creativity” - @LindsayHawes

FITC has evolved into a brand which is embraced by digital creators around the world for playing host to innovative speakers, who share the latest in technology and the creative things being done with it. We are coming up with new ways to make sure we get those who are making waves in new and exciting ways on our stage and interacting with attendees.

“Face it, technology changes.” - @krotondo

Covering an increasingly wide-range of topics encompassing all things digital, from HTML5 to emerging technologies in advertising, the programming of our events has and will continue to evolve and we’re stoked our name captures that. We’ll also be using technology in new and different ways to reach, engage and involve you, our fans and supporters in what we do in the coming months.

“F*** it. Think Creatively.” - @wheniwas19

We have some really effin’ creative people in our network. Just look through the portfolios and personal projects of our speakers or search #fitcevolution on Twitter for proof. It’s at the core of what we do and fuels our existence – it would be an oversight to leave this word out.

When tackling the task of coming up with a new logo, we were lucky to have an extensive network of highly creative designers for support. The super talented, Canadian designer James White hit the spot.

“I wanted something clean, fun, inviting, cool and highly usable on different printed items and merchandise. But my biggest priority was making this thing FUN,” said James. You can read more about the design process on Web Designer Wall here.

The Fab Five FITC VIPs 2012

Congratulations to our five VIP pass winners! You have a pass with your name on it for every FITC event in 2012 - we will be in touch via Twitter.

  • @HafaRamon, “From Inspiration to Creation”
  • @castrolobo, “Forever. Innovating. Through. Communication.”
  • @joshuaJRichards, “Futuristic Innovators Teaching Cool”
  • For the most creative: @krotondo, “Face it, technology changes”
  • For the funniest: @maztik8r, “Flying Invisible Telepathic Cobras” and “Following Intercourse Try Cuddling”

A big thank you to everyone who submitted an entry! It was a pleasure reading the flattering, funny and creative messages over the last week. We look forward to learning and growing with you at future FITC events.