Riccardo Giraldi will be speaking at FITC Amsterdam 2012 about B-Reel’s approach to experimental technology, storytelling and the tangibleness of interactive experiences. Riccardo took the time to answer a few of our questions so FITC fans and followers could get to know him a little better leading up to the event. Meet Riccardo Giraldi...

What are you passionate about?

It's hard to pin down what my passions are because they are many and seem to change all the time!
I like to understand how things work, take them apart to understand the insides and then challenge myself to solve a problem or proof a concept by creating something new using what I learned. The word innovation is very exciting. At the moment I am interested in learning more about optics, electronics and a bit of biology. But soon something else will capture my attention. MIT Opencourseware and the Khan Academy are my new best friends.

What personal projects are you working on?

At the moment I am exploring possible creative applications for brain computer interfaces. The last experiment is called Mind Scalextric, but there are plenty other small experiments that span from AI challenges to other ways to connect the so called real and digital worlds.

What tools are you working with now?

Google Docs is the tool I've been using the most recently! Everything else changes depending on the nature of the project, but there are things like my gmail, to-do lists and google docs which are always there.

Where do you get your news?

I used to check Google Reader almost everyday. I prefer not to stick with just one source for a long time but look for some variety.

Facebook is becoming my unexpected source of inspiration. Especially when friends post random stuff that have nothing to do with my job. Sometimes that is exactly the extra bit of inspiration I need.

There is a problem nowadays where we are all exposed to the same information at the same time. There are projects, articles, images that get passed through links by millions of people. These are seen by all the creatives around the world influencing their ideas. At the end of the day the risk is that many will come to similar conclusions when facing problems due to the lack of variety in their sources of inspiration.

Cultivating many passions and finding inspirations in unexpected places is a good way to make sure you can always add something new to the table.

What app could you not live without?

Without Google Maps and a Clock, most of the time I wouldn't know where I am and what time it is. Quite embarassing.

Connect with Riccardo Giraldi online:
[Twitter] @b__reel [blog] b-reel.com

For more information on FITC Amsterdam 2012 visit www.fitc.ca/amsterdam