For the past ten years, FITC has stayed true to its core mission: to inspire, educate, connect and challenge digital creators. In order to do so, the topics and technologies covered at our events have radically changed and continue to.

So when people ask us, “what does FITC stand for?” it’s a hard question to answer because we have outgrown the original words behind our acronym, ‘Flash in the Can.’ FITC has played host to events in and outside of Canada, covering a whole lot more than Flash for a long time now.

FITC has evolved into a brand which is embraced by digital creators around the world for playing host to innovative speakers, who share the latest in technology and the creative things being done with it. We wanted our name to capture that, so we came up with four words which represent what our company and the events we host are about.

On November 24th, we will be announcing our new brand and a totally redesigned logo by one of our talented speakers.

We will also be announcing the winners of our VIP pass giveaway, which gives five people a pass to experience every FITC event in 2012 for just sending a tweet.

To enter, all you need to do is tweet @FITC, using hashtag #fitcevolution with what FITC means to you.

For example, an entry could look like: @FITC stands for: Fun. Interactive. Techy. Challenging. #fitcevolution

Get creative! We'll be selecting a winner for the most creative and for the funniest entry. Entries will be accepted until midnight on November 23rd.

Start tweeting and stay tuned!