Nando Costa is a Brazilian director and graphic artist based in Portland, Oregon. As a native of Rio de Janeiro, he began experimenting with various artistic mediums from an early age, eventually finding home in graphic design and photography, which led to his career expanding into animation and live-action.

He has led creative and business efforts at various studios and agencies including Superfad, Bent Image Lab, Modernista, Instrument and Digital Kitchen, while also launching and managing two design and animation studios: Nakd & Nervo. Throughout his career, he has worked with a wide array of global brands: Absolut, Adobe, Apple, Budweiser, Cartoon Network, Coca-Cola, Lexus, Microsoft, Nike, Nintendo and Warner only to mention a few.

Recently, Nando collaborated with production company Shilo and created a short animation for Target as an artistic interpretation on the theme "Surprise & Delight in Red & White". The spot is currently being showcased on an array of large screens at Californian event venue LA Live along with 4 other pieces by different artists that make up the campaign.

Using their widely recognizable duotone palette, Nando chose to take the viewer through a revolving world, seamlessly shifting scale and transitioning from a microscopic environment to distant overhead view of planet earth.

Although the camera is mostly static, the change in scale in the animated elements give the viewer the sensation that we are constantly distancing ourselves from the small planet. There is also a subtle nod to Charles and Ray Eames’ film “Powers of Ten” from 1977.

Production Company: Shilo
Executive Producer: Arthur Portnoy
Creative Direction, Design, & Animation: Nando Costa
3D Character Modeling & Animation: Dan Moreno
Music: World Gang