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Building Prosthesis – The Exo-Bionic Off Road Racing Mech
Prosthesis is a new breed of large-scale, human-piloted, electric powered racing mech. Starting life as an art project exploring how to firm placing humans in control of our new robotic… Read more…
Art Exoskeletons Robots
Jonathan Tippett
Founder, President and CTO, Furrion Robotics
Designing Sociable Robots with Emotional Intelligence
It ain’t sci-fi anymore! In Japan, humanoid robots welcome customers into stores, tell jokes, and help the elderly exercise their bodies and minds. In this talk, I’ll explain the ways… Read more…
AI Design Robots
Angelica Lim
Robotics Software Engineering Lead, SoftBank Robotics
Rob Spence is a filmmaker living with a prosthetic camera eye. As a pioneering Eyeborg, he has a unique perspective on the present of future of cybernetic visual enhancements. He… Read more…
Ethics Futurism Wearables
Rob Spence
Eyeborg and Filmmaker, Eyeborg Project
Living And Working With Smart Machines – Panel
Rapid advancements in AI and robotics promise to transform our relationship with technology. Siri, Alexa, and Cortana are conditioning us to treat machines more naturally and socially. Our panel discusses… Read more…
AI Panel
Next Generation Soft Wearable Robots to Assist Human Walking
At the Wyss Institute, they’re developing the next generation of soft wearable robots to assist human walking. These soft clothing-like “exosuits” integrate lightweight functional textiles to interface to the human body… Read more…
Exoskeletons Wearables
Ignacio Galiana
Program Lead, Wyss Institute at Harvard University