FutureWorld Exhibitors

We’re going to have a ton of cool exhibits for you to check out at the event. Here are just a few!

We’re excited to have R2-E3 at the event thanks to Steven Schwartzentruber, owner and operator. “Building R2-E3 was both challenging and rewarding,” says Steve. “There were some days when I thought it would never get finished. Although he is never truly finished, I got to the point where I considered him presentable after two years and two weeks.”

Sunil John is a member of the BB-8 builders club, a group devoted to building BB-8 replicas.
‘While the R2-D2 I’ve always wanted to build has seemed out of reach due to lack of space and expensive tools, BB-8 has been more accessible and a good entry point into droid building. I started my build in January 2016. 8 months later, I can say he’s a “wiggler” with aspirations of rolling one day. “