Tracy Erickson is a developer relations manager at Unity Technologies.  In this role, he helps developers make the most of the award-winning Unity engine. Additionally, Erickson curates the Union games portfolio with the selection of Unity games for wider distribution on new and emerging platforms.
Erickson is deeply entrenched in the game industry and passionately puts into practice his beliefs in quality game development. A well-known voice in the game industry press, he spent five years as Apple Editor and US Correspondent at Pocket Gamer where he wrote the exclusive scoops and coverage, from major conferences to reviews.  He was also the US news editor for Ferrago Media and an assistant news editor and contributor with GamePro.
Erickson is the author of promotional hint books and strategy guides from Prima Games (Random House), including Shadows of the Damned, and co-author of Dead Space 2 and Homefront.  Originally from Portland, Oregon, he studied communication and East Asian history at Lewis & Clark College.