Irish born, Indian raised, Brooklyn based, Sheena Matheiken is a multi-disciplinary designer, filmmaker and creative director working across the broad realms of technology, design and film. Sheena is concerned with how technology both influences and implicates culture. She believes in the importance of design, not simply as an end in itself, but as the prerequisite that gives all substantial things their necessary grounding. She considers film to be a sacred medium that can subvert today’s hyperactivity and connect us deeply to the depths of our own realities.

In the past few years, Sheena has immersed herself in a wide spectrum of projects – from creating a globally acclaimed fashion movement to producing an award winning feature film. She is currently Director of Digital Experience at New Lab – a multidisciplinary technology and design center now under development in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. She is also a part-time resident of New Inc, the first ever museum-led incubator for projects at the intersection of art, design and technology, conceived by the New Museum in NYC.