Ralph Hauwert is a Dutch Flash Platform expert, focused on creating new and innovative appliances for the Web. He works as a freelance consultant and developer of rich Internet experiences, using such technologies as Papervision3D, ActionScript, and AIR. As an industry recognized leader in the field of Flash 3D, and a well-known figure within the Flash Open Source movement, he spends a lot of his “play time” on such projects as Papervision3D and Rhonda Forever, the 3D sketching application project created by Amit Pitaru and James Paterson.

With more then a decade of experience on the Flash Platform, Ralph is a frequent speaker at technology and design-centric events such as Adobe Live, FITC, Flash on the Beach, Multimania, and user group gatherings. As a former core member of the Papervision3D team, together with Carlos Ulloa and John Grden, Ralph has also conducted workshops exploring the relatively new field of Flash 3D.

Ralph is also a proud ambassador for the Dutch Adobe usergroup.

Ralph has been working on such project as the Anne Frank virtual house, commissioned by LBi Lost Boys and the Anne Frank Foundation. For this project, Ralph has built a custom 3D engine from the ground up, to help create an online experience of the Anne Frank house in realtime 3D quality previously unseen on the Flash Platform.