A fish out of water, Matt Newman got mixed up with the wrong crow. After acquiring an education in Flash and all things Web at Vancouver Film School, Matt opted for the road less traveled and hooked up with a small group of QuickTime developers, ici Media Inc, who were eagerly anticipating QuickTime 5 and its support for Flash 4. Using the QuickTime authoring tool LiveStage Professional, Matt and the ici Media Inc team pushed the integration of QuickTime 5 and Flash 4 well beyond what both Apple and Macromedia initially thought possible.

Last year ici Media Inc meged with Totally Hip Software to enhance the marketing, sales and support of LiveStage Professional. Matt writes Flash Corner, a bi-weekly web column for blueabuse.com and has co-authored and currently teaches “LiveStage Professional for Flash Developers”, a full day course on LiveStage Professional authoring designed specifically for the Flash community