Mario, AKA Quasimondo, is what you get when you cross the analytic mind of a coder with the creative fervor of an artist, and add a little bit of mad scientist mentality to the mix. In his aim to surprise himself and his audience, he consistently explores uncharted territories in order to discover unseen beauty and unthought ideas. A key factor in his work is the drive to overcome limitations by creatively repurposing and recombining objects and systems to reveal hidden qualities. His creations have been exhibited in international art shows and have won acclaim among critics as exemplary pieces of net art. Pieces like Mona Tweeta, ScribblerToo, Flickeur, Dada Visualization, Like This or his Pie Packing series have made their way into uncounted best-of lists and been featured in many articles. He enjoys sharing his explorations and discoveries at design and technology conferences worldwide, has co-founded the Munich FabLab and is working as a freelance creative coder and visualist.