FITC Toronto 2021

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What would happen if we had a machine that can create every imaginable and unimaginable image that there ever was, is and will be? Apparently nothing extraordinary, since that machine was already invented decades ago.

The computer.

The digital image has allowed us to explore the space of all possible images. However, it has also shown us that this space is immensely huge– and like the universe itself, mostly filled with chaos and emptiness. It turns out, the task is not to create all that is possible, but to find the few inhabitable worlds that are hidden in the background noise.

With the advent of artificial intelligence, we now have a new set of tools in hand. They allow us to search the universe of images systematically. We can now measure aspects that we previously could only judge subjectively. We can even send probes out into those latent spaces that may collect interesting, relevant or unique data.

For over 30 years, Mario Klingemann has been exploring the potential of image-making with the help of neural networks and algorithms, using artificial intelligence as a core aspect in his art practice. In his talk, Mario will share his experiences, and the results of his research and experiments.


To explore what AI can do and what it can’t, based on Mario’s first-hand experience.

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. What is “latent”?
  2. What is creativity?
  3. Who is the artist?
  4. What is Neurography?
  5. Will AI replace creatives?

Target Audience

Creatives, and those wondering how AI will shape creativity and the future.