Lifelong Friendship Society was formed in 2003 with the intention of channeling a diverse range of creative abilities into one vibrant organism.

Within a few years of inception, LFS has worked with a variety of clients in a broad range of capacities. Our work has been presented in magazines, broadcast on the airwaves, shown in galleries and has surfed the internet. Our friends range from VH1, SCI-FI Channel, Spike TV, Showtime, Atlantic Records, MTV, Deutsch Advertising, Boone-Oakley, Mother NY, Maxalot Gallery, Barcelona, SemiPermanent Exhibition – Sydney, Tres Logos, I.D. Magazine, Stash Magazine/DVD, CMYK, Arkitip and the list continues…

The Founding members Jason Jones, Travis Spangler and Brian Close first met while working at VH1. They found a common bond in their diverse backgrounds, which are coloured in design, fine art training, typography, mathematics, writing, and comedy that create a studio with a unique commercial perspective. The goal is to share this with a new set of clients that are emerging on a new advertising landscape.

In 2007, LFS welcomes Dan Sormani as Executive Producer/Partner to help tie together the past with the future. His background spans top design shops such as Brand New School and Stardust where he has worked with international advertising, broadcast and music video clients and received awards from the MVPA, BDA and was nominated for an MTV video Music Award in 2005.

As LFS moves forward in branding & design consultation, animation and directing pursuits we also consistently extend ourselves with unconventional experimental work, in order to give a perspective that can only come from Lifelong Friendship Society.