Koji Pereira is a Senior Product Design Manager at Twitter. With over two decades of experience in the design field, plus five years spent managing teams, he also leads team building experiences for explore and search at Twitter. He strives to build diverse teams and safe spaces, making sure everyone is included and all voices are heard. Over the years, Koji helped to build many products from 0-1 elevating designers to the strategy sphere.

Previously he was at Lyft where he was a Head of Design for Lyft Business, leading a suite of products for organizations looking to provide transportation for their staff and stakeholders. During this time, he also launched Lyft Pass, a self-service product that allows companies to create ride programs.

At Google, Koji led the efforts in the Design for Files by Google project, building the monthly active users up to 500 million users. While at Google, he also assisted teams in launching many products, including: Camera Go, Android TV Data Saver, and Google Spaces.

He also taught design around the world in schools like Harbour.Space in Spain and PUC Minas in Brazil, and led a startup in Brazil.

Koji also hosts Cells and Pixels Podcast with product and design leaders.