Edward Apostol is a freelance consultant providing e-commerce, wireless and new media consulting, design and development. Edward has been a cornerstone in the Toronto Flash community, being one of the first instructors and developers to teach and utilize Macromedia Flash way back in 1997. He currently teaches the e-commerce developer program at Ryerson University, which includes courses in all Macromedia Tools, including Flash, Dreamweaver, Ultradev, and Fireworks.

His upcoming book, Inside Sitespring (New Riders, July 2001) demonstrates Edward’s wide understanding on all aspects of web development, and he frequently discusses current web topics at www.edapostol.com. His professional work includes stints at DWL Inc, a leading intranet-extranet solutions fir, and NuRun (formerly Entrevision Inc) where he worked on Compaq Canada’s e-commerce website.