Senior Evangelist, Dynamic Media Organization
Adobe Systems, Incorporated

As an intrapreneur at Adobe, deeje was a founding member and product manager of the Philo project, the codename for Adobe Media Player. Now as Senior evangelist for the Dynamic Media Organization, deeje is responsible for promoting the entire distribution and playback value proposition of Adobe Flash, including Flash Media Server and Adobe Media Player, to ecosystem partners in the Internet video publishing space.

Deeje has been in the software industry since 1985. His second start up was sold to Aldus Corp in 1992. When Adobe acquired Aldus in 1993, deeje helped design a consumer version of Photoshop called Photo Deluxe. After that, he helped start new initiatives at Apple, LeapFrog and Netscape, before founding PuppetTime, a company that developed 3D pre-visualization software for screenwriters, which was sold in 2000. He rejoined Adobe through the company’s acquisition of Macromedia where he worked as a product manager for Contribute, the popular Web and blog publishing software. In all, Deeje has been with Adobe for over 10 years.

Deeje has been asked to speak at numerous events on topics such as Internet TV, video podcasting, RSS technology, and personal publishing. Deeje studied computer science at California State University, Northridge before earning his Bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from the University of Phoenix.