Brittney Postma is a self taught developer, living in Holland, Michigan. She learned to code as a second career while she was a stay at home mom to her three kids. Her day job is working for Netlify as a Developer Experience Engineer, which means she creates a lot of content for the web. When not focusing on her family and creating things for Netlify, she is active in many Discord communities that helped build her career.

She is the founder of the Svelte Sirens, a community for women, non-binary people, and allies to learn, build, and teach about Svelte. She co-hosts a variety of podcasts and live streams, including Svelte Radio, Remotely Interesting, and Purrfect.Dev. She is the designer behind and works actively on creating courses and tutorial content around Jamstack topics for the site. She continues to use the learn, build, and teach philosophy to help and empower people starting out their careers.