Brian Robbins is Founder of Riptide Games, an independent game developer and consultancy based in Denver, CO. Since the start of his career in gaming Brian has constantly been pushing the limits at the forefront of emerging markets. Along the way he built numerous web-based games before the big bubble burst, helped establish the casual games industry, and most recently has been entrenched in the hyper-volatile iPhone game space. Brian is a tireless contributor to the games industry, primarily through his work with the IGDA where he has chaired and co-founded SIGs, promoted local game development community, written numerous white papers and even won the IGDA MVP award for his efforts. Prior to establishing Riptide Games, Brian was Studio Head for Fuel Games Denver, where he and his team focused on iPhone and next-gen mobile game development.

As a developer Brian has been programmer on over 100 games across a variety of technologies and platforms. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences giving talks on a wide range of topics from business models, game design and advergame development, to technical implementation and problem solving. He currently lives in Aurora, CO with his loving wife and beautiful daughter.