Spotlight UX/UI 2017
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The Bauhaus curriculum offered students a deep examination into the materials of its day: clay, stone, wood, metal, textiles, color, glass. In the digital age, what are the materials of user experience? Is it the lithium we extract from the ground to power our hermetically sealed devices, or is it invisible systems our devices connect us to? What are our methods for shaping the unseen, the immaterial? This talk will introduce a taxonomy—including human motivation, feedback, and conversation among others—and identify some of the properties that differentiate materials of the digital age from the past.


Identify the invisible materials of user experience—human motivation, feedback, and conversation among others—and their properties for designers to see.

Target Audience

UX designers


Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. A brief history of the Bauhaus
  2. An introduction to the Bauhaus study of materials
  3. A systems based definition of user experience design
  4. Models of open and closed-loop systems and their components
  5. Approaches to designing interactive systems