FITC Toronto 2018

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VR’s success hinges on the success of use cases outside of gaming. While VR games are steadily improving and driving innovation, the potential applications of VR in other industries are clear, yet relatively untapped. For example, location-based experiences (LBE) are introducing VR to new groups of people who did not already have access to the technology, in turn broadening the scope of those interested in it. The growing focus on out-of-home VR entertainment is expanding the medium’s potential of becoming a full-blown mainstream “reality,” but it still has a way to go.

Come learn how VR’s future roadmap will benefit from the advent of affordable untethered headsets and recent technology that allows for the seamless operation of LBEs and applications. Between the influx of innovative technology pushing it forward and staunch backing from major players such as Facebook and Google, VR is here to stay and will continue its consistent trajectory into the mainstream.


To discuss the many location-based experience applications of virtual reality and how recent innovations can support this growth.

Target Audience

Content creators and brand leaders who are looking for new ways to tap into the out-of-home fields of emerging VR technology

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. How VR has grown since its inception – from the actual technology to the verticals adapting to it – and what it will take to grow it further
  2. Key real-world applications of VR for consumer and business-oriented use cases in a range of verticals – gaming, entertainment, hospitality, retail, etc.
  3. The growth of VR’s implementation in location-based experiences and what this means for consumers, creators and businesses
  4. What VR’s expansion will mean for out-of-home entertainment
  5. The projected timeline for implementation of new VR tech