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UX Principles for Marketing Content: Say More With Less Using “Structured Fluff”

Words and images play a huge part in helping us decide which digital products are best for us — from which tools we need, to which shows we watch. When it’s your product, it makes sense you want its marketing content to stand out and grab people’s attention. But when every product is trying to stand out, nothing does. So how do you cut through?

Users get value from content that fits their space and experience — how they feel, what they’re doing, and how little time and energy they have to figure out what they want and need. Often it’s not actually about choosing content that “cuts through.” It’s about choosing content that meets the user’s needs.

In this talk, Beth Anne uses examples from her work on Adobe Creative Cloud, and observations from other digital spaces, to share best practices for applying UX design principles to your digital product content. You’ll learn ways to communicate product value as clearly and concisely as possible, without sacrificing your brand’s personality.


Learn ways to apply a UX design lens to marketing content.

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. What type of user needs to consider and research
  2. How to make your marketing language clear and consistent
  3. Ways to balance text and imagery to convey product details and value
  4. How to keep your brand present in technical or concise spaces
  5. How to design for single products vs. larger product portfolios

Target Audience

UX designers and writers, content strategists, and anyone in marketing who’d like to apply more structure and usability to their digital product descriptions.