FITC Toronto 2015
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It will destroy us, it will save us, it will get our projects funded. Technology is such a big hammer that everything can look like a nail. But what if technology isn’t a tool at all? Perhaps it’s a distraction, or perhaps it’s just a new place to stand.

In this talk, Micah shares the story of her relationship with technology, from a childhood obsession to a Silicon Valley career, and now to a creative practice that asks how we can use these skills to reimagine the world around us.


Inspire curiosity, and challenge us all to create things that surprise us.

Target Audience

Creative individuals from any background.

Five things audience members will learn

  1. A little bit of chaos theory.
  2. A little bit of control theory.
  3. Strategies for creating complex systems from simple rules.
  4. How to lose control.
  5. Confidence to experiment.