Web Unleashed 2014

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There have been many great improvements to the web in the post-plugin era of the Internet, however, streaming video has had a challenge to keep up. For the past several years, the primary means to stream video consistently across browsers has been through the use of a Flash or Silverlight plugin.

Thankfully the W3C has come up with a solution to stream video to HTML without plugins, “MediaSource Extensions.” In this session Jeff Tapper will explore what MediaSource Extensions are, their state in browsers today, and how we can use them to stream video without plugins.


Learn about MediaSource Extensions, the modern mechanism to stream video directly to HTML without plugins

Target Audience

This session is intended for Web Developers and for those who need to understand the streaming options available for their business.

Assumed Audience Knowledge

The audience should know what JavaScript and HTML are, and be familiar with Video terminology. This session will be understood by beginners, but audience members with a deeper understanding of JavaScript and Video technologies will be able to get even more from it.

Five things audience members will learn

  1. What is the state of HTML5 Video in browsers today?
  2. What are Media Source Extensions?
  3. How do I use Media Source Extensions to stream video to HTML?
  4. What is MPEG-DASH?
  5. Are there any open source projects to make this easier?