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When developing in web languages like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, you don’t control the majority of the code that is running your game, therefore you need to be able to profile and understand how the underlying code functions. Chrome Tools, JSPerf and Automated Testing are all critical tools that make HTML5 development possible.

Some key technical points that Chris Shankland will dive into include:

  • It is significantly faster to reassign functions rather than use inheritance
  • The importance of profiling and the need to not assume anything
  • How to create automated test cases
  • How to optimize for garbage collection environment
  • Technical details around CSS vs. Canvas
  • The need to optimize for the environment your code will ultimately be running in – specifically the browser interpreter – and not your specific development environment.

And some technical challenges that will be discussed:

  • Performance Optimization
  • Automated Testing
  • Understanding native performance and memory in a UIWebView
  • Using wrappers and building plug-ins for mobile app stores