Ideas In Motion 2018

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Ana will discuss the creative process behind the creation of a main title sequence design, using some Prologue projects they’ve developed over the last years as case studies, showing some failures and success examples.


To give a behind-the-scenes visiĆ³n of how Prologue develops work every day. To explain how the creation of main titles are approached as a mixed discipline in between motion graphics, graphic design, story telling, cinema and tv.

Target Audience

Motiongraphers, graphic designers and story tellers

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. The importance of typography in the creation of main title designs
  2. Creative process, step by step, in the creation of main title designs
  3. How to create a storyboard
  4. Case studies of successful and failed projects
  5. What it’s like to work for Hollywood (on TV and cinema)