EXTREME CLOSEUPS OF FLICKERING INSTRUMENT PANELS. Readouts and digital displays pulse eerily with the technology of the distant future.

Wherever we are, it seems to be chill, dark, and sterile. Electronic machinery chuckles softly to itself…

Worldbuilding within a digital space can make or break any experience.  Without trusting the rules set out by the environment, tone, society, and climate, the user can feel lost or uneasy with the rest of the narrative.

Join us for an exploration of the concepts and design behind worldbuilding within broadcast and film. From 30 second commercial spots to feature film projects, designers and directors who’ve excelled in the art of conveying the story of new worlds through sight and sound will examine, and dissect the creative and technical approaches behind industry leading studios and agencies.

  • The event will run from 10:30am to 5:30pm followed by a evening mixer
  • Optional discounted boxed lunch available

Speakers include