FITC Toronto 2015
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Software is defining our era, and how we build software is an essential human practice with profound effects. It sucks to be doing it wrong.

Nick discusses how Lean UX, an important new discipline, is difficult to achieve, best practices for achieving success, and his lessons learned with Lean UX and continuous delivery from a dozen projects.


Invigorate the audience to adopt effective Lean UX practices.

Target Audience

Managers, developers, designers, project managers, clients.

Assumed Audience Knowledge

Some experience with software as a user or a creator.

Five things audience members will learn

  1. How documentation can become a trap.
  2. The importance of time elapsed between design and delivery.
  3. How to avoid UX becoming a defacto waterfall development process.
  4. The importances of meaning over prescription, context over instructions.
  5. Where UX design ultimately lives and evolves over time.