FITC Toronto 2017

2017-04-23 00:00:00 2017-04-26 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Toronto 2017 FITC Toronto 2017 is a three-day professional celebration of the best the world has to offer in design, web development, media and innovation in creative technologies. Toronto FITC Toronto


This presentation will be about interactive storytelling and cinema, using the interactive film project “A Man and A Woman (abbrv. AMAAW)” by the presenter, Thierry Loa, as a case study.

AMAAW is an interactive psychological feature drama about two millennials — Paul and Virginia — in life transition, seeking their path between university and professional lives, while navigating the complexities of love, trust and youth. In the film, viewers make morally-based decisions for the protagonists.

Target Audience

Filmmakers, interactive designers, new media storytellers, cinema goers, video gamers

Five Things Audience Will Remember

  1. What is interactive storytelling
  2. Why and how interactivity between user and content can enhance a story experience
  3. More specifically, how interactivity can be used in a film as medium given the right
    story/script material
  4. Particular techniques of interactive storytelling used in the presenter’s interactive film
    project “A Man And A Woman”
  5. The work and career path of the presenter i.e. from new media design and coding to