FITC Toronto 2017

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How to improve customer engagement and service delivery in the connected age.

Digital transformation is not a buzzword. It’s the promise that your organization can reach new heights by leveraging digital to provide a superior customer experience and optimize your team’s efforts in doing so. At the same time, there are a vast amount of organizations who believe a digital presence alone is enough to meet customer expectations and keep your organization at the forefront of the connected economy. The general approach is typically to just make sure deliverables exist: we have a responsive website; we listen to customers on our social channels and help lines. But this approach does not ask the right questions of how you can drive consumer engagement and retention, and make sure your team is focused on solving the right problems in the most effective manner.

To do so, every organization needs to align their digital ecosystem with their customer journey. This talk will introduce the process for and key benefits of aligning your digital ecosystem and team efforts to your customer’s journey, including highlighting how you’ll find new business and growth opportunities, while finding those key insights in how to better connect and provide value to your customers.


To prove the benefits of aligning your digital ecosystem and efforts with your customer’s journey in order to drive customer engagement and improve service delivery across your organization.

Target Audience

You’re working on one or more digital products, or responsible for marketing to consumers to get them to engage with a digital property and would like to see how you can be even more effective at driving engagement and value to your consumer and for your organization.


Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. How to discover new business opportunities by focusing on customer needs
  2. How to better understand the value of your current marketing, sales, product, service and customer support efforts
  3. Why every organization should be mapping their customer’s journey
  4. The key elements of the customer journey, including how you align marketing, sales, product, service, and customer support efforts along the journey
  5. How to combine a customer journey map with business goals and organizational capabilities to define the most effective digital and service delivery strategy for your organization