Web Unleashed 2018

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As innovators and problem solvers, we’re great at finding problems and coming up with brilliant new solutions. But how do we know if our ideas will actually be successful? Far too many companies start building without testing their assumptions. After launching their product, they realize that customers weren’t actually interested in buying or using the product.

Whether you’re a two-person startup or an 8000-person multinational corporation, lean experiments can help you evaluate your idea, test your riskiest assumptions and build products your customers actually want versus what they say they want. The best part is you can do most of it without coding anything.


Learn 10 experiments you can run so you’re not wasting precious resources (time, people, money) building products and features that people don’t want.

Target Audience

Entrepreneurs. Innovators. Product Managers. Designers.

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  1. Why run experiments
  2. How to identify your assumptions, create hypotheses and set success criteria
  3. 10 types of experiments
  4. Evaluating results and learning from them
  5. Considerations for enterprise companies who want to run lean experiments