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At BBC Children’s, games are hugely important. 60% of users who come to the CBBC homepage will press the ‘games’ button as their first action. Essentially, we do games. There is an expectation from kids that all of their favourite brands will have great casual game content and on the web this is the case, but on mobile web the challenges are tough. When deciding on what technology to build games with, we need to understand how users access CBBC & CBeebies. More and more, our audience is coming to the site via mobile devices. To enable compelling content for these users we are now building some games in HTML5.

A big factor when designing games for children is to understand how the audience uses devices. In this presentation Jon will reveal details of the BBC’s research into usage and level of engagement, which help to define the products we build. This session will look at the technical and production issues, performance, cross browser and cross device inconsistencies. Jon will look at what makes a great Flash game and how to achieve that quality using HTML5 on a mobile or tablet. Areas covered will be game mechanics, control methods and rendering. Also elements that are key to BBC content such as brand appropriateness, accessibility and user engagement.