FITC Amsterdam 2012

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Outracks has developed a new programming language, Uno, and Realtime Studio, a companion tool suite — both designed to bring wow-factor, productivity and unparalleled portability to mainstream app development on both mobile, native and the web. Uno unites graphics code and logic code into a single high-level language. Uno allows the full programmable power of the GPU in any handheld device, PC/Mac, console or Smart-TV can be turned into full frame rate eye-candy without requiring years of graphics programming expertise and avoids platform specific developer pitfalls.

In this session, Anders will premiere both Uno and Realtime Studio for the first time ever, and will show you how to build a fully working, and good-looking app running natively on multiple platforms — from scratch — in under 15 minutes. This session is suited for both novices and hard-core programmers alike and users of existing languages, tool suites and SDKs are more than welcome.

Outracks Technologies is a Norwegian real-time graphics software house founded by highly experienced graphics programmers, many originating from the legendary ‘demoscene’-collective.